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7 Habits of Spiritual Fitness

1.) Trusting Jesus.
Trust God as you understand Him. This doesn’t mean I understand God to be Jesus and you understand Him to be a lollipop, and as long as we have equal faith we will get equal results. This would be trusting in faith not—trusting in God. Not all gods are equal. Only 1 came back from the dead. The more you understand about Him (Jesus), the more you will grow spiritually. His is the name above all names. Accept nothing less.
2.) Helping Others
Do something nice for someone. Pay someone’s bill. Listen to their stories. or take them to lunch. Encourage someone. Be good. Lend a hand. Say a kind word. Compliment their hair or their outfit. Weep when the weep, and rejoice when they rejoice. Caring for others changes us like no other. Offer someone help. You both will be blessed.
3.) Praying Often
Talking to God does wonders for your spiritual life. He is your heavenly Father, your Counselor, and your Friend. Talk to Him about anything and everything. He is not pushy, and He always has great advice. Be real with Him and speak often. Thank Him when you’re happy, and plead with Him when you’re in pain. Prayer works. It either changes your circumstances or it changes your heart. Most of the time, it changes both.
4.) Having Good Friends
Some friends are givers and some are takers. Some will bring you closer to Jesus and some will draw you away. Find some friends that will lead you the right way. Hanging out with good people will change you. You don’t always have to be praying or singing praise to God. Anytime spent in the presence of a good person helps.
5.) Reading Good Things
Reading scripture and godly writing works on your mind. Scripture is life. It energizes and teaches you. Start with the Bible’s stories. Don’t get bogged down in biblical genealogies or obscure prophecies.  We remember stories better than lists of facts. Begin with stories about Jesus and His followers in the New Testament. The stories about God working with His people in the Old Testament are good.
6.) Confessing Your Junk
Yeah, I said it, confess. You may not go to a  priest to share your dirty laundry but you need to confess. Confession in scripture means, “To say the same thing.” Acknowledging our wrongs is liberating. God promises if we confess we will be forgiven and cleansed. It works every time. Look for a godly person to confess to. Find someone trustworthy.  It may be a neighbor, spouse, pastor, or godly friend. Don’t just spring your “junk” on them. Give them fair warning. Find the right time and place, and watch God work in you.
7.) Forgiving Others
It is easy to get stunted spiritually when you hold un-forgiveness. People waste their lives holding on to hate. We are called to love others, even if they don’t deserve it. We don’t have to trust them, agree with them, or have them in our house; but, we have to forgive them. Forgiving others brings freedom to ourselves. Forgive others and let God do something special in your life.
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