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How busy is Satan?

I heard someone this week say that Satan was battling to stop a song from playing on an iPod. Really? Does he have that kind of time? Does he have that kind of commitment? Will he

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swing by a small church in Kalamazoo just to mess up their sound board? Shouldn’t he be harassing the pope or something?

Or maybe, was it a lack of preparation? Is it better to test the track before worship, or should we go straight to casting demons out of the sound equipment? How busy is Satan? He’s not God, he’s not all powerful. What kind of hours does he work? Maybe, he gets tired. Maybe, he needs to just chill out and watch the Jersey Shore? Does he take vacations?

If he is that committed to harassing even the smallest Christian, than we’ve got to pick up our game. We need to be more more aggressive in our approach to life.

If those little things aren’t caused directly by the Prince of Darkness, than we need to be more organized and prepared. Could a little planing and forethought help? Absolutely.

I believe the truth is somewhere in the middle. Yes, there is a spiritual realm, and the powers of darkness interfere in our lives. But, somethings aren’t caused by the devil. Somethings result from poor planing or the nature of our world. We should recognize our enemy, but not give him credit for everything.

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