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God Even Loves His Haters

Some people thrive on hate. It’s their fuel. They’re never happy, always complaining, and constantly looking for something new. They want others to feel their misery.

Why do people Hate on God? Their biggest weapon against Him is to deny He exists. They tell the I AM that he isn’t. Or, that if He does exist, He isn’t who He says He is.

I get not believing in God because you’re not sure HE IS. I get not liking the Church, Christians, or other religious institutions because they’ve made some terrible choices over the years. I just don’t get hating on God.

As I write this, I know some consider the idea of God ridiculous. Others equate teaching your children about God to child abuse. At best, they consider Him a fairy tale; and at worst, they turn Him into a vile tactic used by the powerful to control and oppress the weak,

To them, believing in God is crazy. To them, God is not real, and He cannot speak. And, people who claim to hear from God are evil, misled, or both.

They are God-haters. They have no faith, and they despise those who do.

To them, God and biblical mortality is deplorable. Divinity is the cancer starving humanity of it’s true potential–whatever that is. It’s perfectly acceptable for a man to cut off his “ding-a-ling” and convert it to a “whoo-whoo.” But, people who believe in God are the bane of the human race.

He loves us and wants to know us. He will not force Himself on us, but He is passionate about us. It’s good that He’s jealous. He is the best we could ask or hope for. It’s good that we know Him. It’s for our benefit.

I believe.
I can’t help it.
I believe He is real.
I believe He speaks to people.
I believe Jesus is His son.
I believe He was crucified.
I believe He went willingly.
I believe He rose again.
I believe that He forgave those that abused Him
I believe He is still alive.
I believe He can and will raise the dead.
I believe He can heal the sick.
I believe He can break chains of addiction.
I believe He comes through when no one else will.
I believe He’s good.
I believe He loves us.
I believe He wants us to love others.
I believe that this love would fix this world.
I believe Jesus’ teaching is the answer.
I believe Love wins.
I believe that He is coming again.

For what it’s worth, I don’t want to force anyone to believe in my God. I honor those with different beliefs. But, I wish that everyone could know Him. He is amazing.

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