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Atheistic Logic

Breakfast Drama Horror Theatre: Pigs In A Blanket

Image by raider3_anime via Flickr

The essence of sin is for a finite and mortal being to stand before and infinite and eternal God and say, “You don’t exist.” How can we live before God and tell Him that He’s not real? Really? Is this what humanity has resorted to? Are we so conceited to think that we don’t need God?

We made some of life’s most basic molecules in a laboratory therefore, “God doesn’t exist”. Is it true that because some of the brightest minds spent millions of dollars and thousands of hours to create part of the building blocks of DNA that there’s no God? How does that figure?

So, we put all of this time, energy, and thought into doing something ,and we got part of a part of life. But, I guess it was easy for chance and explosions to build life. That makes perfect sense. Of course, trillions of years of random explosions, heat waves, and universal elements colliding would naturally result in life. And, the natural thing for these life forms to do is develop complex social relationships, the internet, x-boxes,  and Vienna Sausages.

If everything was started by chance, than all of this is by chance. Computers, Cellphones, and Angry Birds are all the result of a perfectly timed cosmic collision. This ridiculous line of logic is considered  superior to a belief in God.

Our intellectual pride has blinded us from the truths our hearts already know. God is real. Accept it. Deal with it, and move on.

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