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The Secret of Life

The secret to living for the Savior is dying to self.


To Death


Image by Bulle d'art via Flickr

O Death, where are your plagues? O Sheol, where is your sting? (Hosea 13:14 ESV)

Death, you’re done. You are on God’s hit list. He has your number. You shall reign no more. Disease, famine, war, and old age will all be destroyed without mercy.

God’s plan for humanity to live forever in perfect harmony with Him won’t be ruined by death or sin any longer.

The dead will rise. Loved ones will meet again. Bodies will be made new, and peace will reign on earth.

Disease will disappear, joints will move freely, and minds will be clear. All will be made new.

Jesus Christ overcame sin with His death and death through His resurrection. Those who make their robes white in His blood will stand forever before Him with tearless faces, singing songs of praise and victory.

Soon, there will be no more suffering or sorrow. There is a tomorrow. Wait for the morning. He is on His way.

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