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Lowered Expectaitons

I’m afraid that we’ve lowered the bar with our definition of a biblical Christian lifestyle. We fire off some good philosophical definitions and traits we “believe” would define the lifestyle of a biblical disciple, but practically we accept a brand of immature, bland, ignorant, milquetoast, and defeated spirituality.

We’ve lowered the bar so far that we are tripping over it, and the church has fallen from God’s intended design. We’ve given up God’s ideal of love and community for good worship, engaging teaching, and exciting children’s ministry. None of these things are wrong. In fact, each of them is important.

However, we’ve failed to begin with the end in mind. Our organizational goal is not spiritual formation; it is “butts in seats”. Our individual goal is not Christ-likenes; it’s freedom from discomfort.

We are aligned to our goals. We want more butts in our seats so we do flashy and exciting things that aren’t changing lives. We want to be free from pain so we ignore the cross Jesus asked us to carry.

We must have the same goals Jesus set for us or we will wind up in the wrong place. We must raise the bar or we will keep tripping over our lowered expectations.

Why Gossip Sucks

I did’t write this article, but I like it. You should read it.Image

Digital Discipleship Stragety

What’s your Strategy for Digital Discipleship?

Please, share the ways you use new media to disciple people.
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