How to Grow Spiritually

Love your family
If you don’t have the peace and love of God in your home, it’s not in your heart. If it’s not in your heart, who are you fooling? Your home should be full of God’s love. You should like the people you live with and they should like you. To often, we try to change the world when our families need us more. Spend time with them, play with them, encourage them, and seek God with them. You will all grow.

Focus on relationships not results-Forgive quickly and fully
The quality of the relationships you have with people is a reflection of your relationship with Christ. The are a measure of your relationship with Christ. Forgive quickly and fully. Don’t let resentment, bitterness, accusations, or hatred grow in your heart. You won’t like the fruit. Love others.

Keep His Word before you
Read the Words of Christ in the power of the Spirit. These words were inspired when they were written, they should be read under His inspiration. It will renew your mind, encourage your heart, and change the way your talk. Read the in faith, and read the frequently. Try memorizing as much scripture as you can. It will change your mind. We all need that.

Talk to others and open up
There are no one-man-Christian-bands out there banging out a symphony for Christ. It can’t be done. If following Christ means walking in His steps, then we can’t do it alone. Jesus spent a lot if time with a lot of people. He wanted others praying with Him on the night of His execution. If He, the one who hears our prayers, wanted company during His dark time, how do we think we can do it alone? Open up, and let Him in.

Stick with it
Never quit. You won’t lose if you don’t stop. Your progress may not be as fast as you’d like. You may not go as far as you’d prefer, and you may never see all your dreams fulfilled. But, you’ll go farther and last longer and see some of your dreams if you don’t give up. Run your race well and leave a legacy.


About Chris M.

Just a guy who loves God, his family, and others.

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