Where is Heaven?


Heaven is a real place. It is not just “a state of being”. After all, you have to be somewhere in order to “be”. Is it a place in the clouds? Maybe it is, and maybe it isn’t. Still, Heaven is a place.

Where is Heaven? No one knows for sure. The foremost expert on Heaven is Jesus of Nazareth. He lived unlike any other man or woman. He inspired great men and women for millennium with His selfless teaching about the Kingdom of Heaven.His words changed Gandhi’s life. His words inspired Dr Martin Luther King’s. His words guided Mother Teresa. Jesus knew more about Heaven than anyone else.

Jesus never said where Heaven is. Jesus said Heaven was near, and then taught how to get there. He told us that we need to be poor in spirit, pure in heart, meek, merciful, and make peace. He told us that if we are seeking for Heaven we will find it; and that if we are mourning, Heaven is ours.

Heaven will not be found with a telescope. Heaven will be found by the merciful. Heaven is not found among the stars. Heaven is found in gentle mercy. Heaven cannot be entered on the backs of tanks, but hungry people who make peace will seek until they find it.

Heaven is the state that we were meant to be. Heaven is a place where our souls commune with the Ultimate. Heaven is a very real place. It is a place different from all others and cannot be defined by our reality.

Jesus of Nazareth often spoke of Heaven; and he spoke of love. The complete expression of love is the way to heaven. It is the only way. He showed us the way. He described the way to Heaven. It is through love. Jesus’ declaration that Heaven was near was a call to love.

We cannot go to Heaven now, but we can bring Heaven here. Heaven is brought near every time we love. Heaven is far when love is absent. It would be nice to leave here. It would be nice to get away from the pain and sorrow here. We can’t. We can bring heaven near. We can heal the hurting, feed the hungry and clothe the naked. We can love each other.

Jesus didn’t say where Heaven is, but he showed us how to get there. He showed us how to bring it near.
Heaven is found through selfless love.


About Chris M.

Just a guy who loves God, his family, and others.

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  1. Thank you! Needed that right now!

  2. Thank you for this Chris. Could not have come at a better time. Truer words never been spoken.

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