God’s Love

God’s love is the center, foundation, beginning, and the end of Christianity. Everything revolves around the reality of His love. Nothing can separate us from His love. His love is to be celebrated and appreciated. We owe it all to His love.

His love is the reason we exist. It’s the reason restoration is possible. It’s everything we need. It’s everything we want. His love is real.

His love is the source of our Faith. Trusting in Him is only possible when we know He loves us. Hebrews says we must believe that He is and that He rewards those who seek Him. It is the fountainhead of our faith.

His love keeps us going. His love sustains us when we can’t sustain ourselves. Romans says that nothing can separate us from His love, and that’s true.

Knowing Him is knowing His love. Knowing such a Holy God is only possible because of His mercy. He loves justice, but He is love. All of God’s attributes come out of His love. His love is the source of His being. Love is His essence.

God’s love protects us. When Daniel was in danger of being killed. He sought God’s mercies. God’s mercy protected him. God’s love brought him revelation. God’s love keeps us. It perfects us.

God loves you, and He would love for you to know it.


About Chris M.

Just a guy who loves God, his family, and others.

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  1. God loves us even if we run away!

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