To the ‘Christian’ Homosexual

This is a follow up to a previous post I made a few months ago. That one is found here

It focused on accepting the person struggling with same-sex attraction. Please read both before you comment.

More Thoughts on Homosexuals

Homosexuality is a sensitive subject. Pastors take two approaches with it. Some preach vehemently against it, and others won’t even touch the subject. They are to afraid to offend someone who is gay or has a gay loved one. I’m not a gay basher and I’m not afraid to say it’s wrong. I don’t want people thinking that just because I love people who are gay that homosexuality is “No Biggie” with God or in the church.

I’ve heard a lot of reasons why people think gay is ok. I’ve heard….

Homosexuality is a gray area in the bible
Some people think homosexuality is one of those “go with your gut” type of things like listening to secular music, the version of the bible you use, or dancing in church. Umm… No, it’s not even close to those. It’s clearly wrong. (See I Corinthians chapter 6, Romans 1, and Matthew 19 to see New Testament examples of God’s plan for sex) Whenever Jesus or Paul spoke of sexuality in any context they always related it directly back to the beginning of creation. Adam and Eve themselves are the blueprint. There is something good in the male female relationship.

You can’t choose who you love
Really? I choose to love people all the time, and my wife chooses to love me everyday. Love is a choice. Love has always been a choice. Be friends, buddies, confidants with the same sex, but not lovers. If we’re honest, “lovers” is just code for “lusters” regardless of the context.

I can’t choose who I’m attracted to
This is true, but you can choose who you have sex with. I can’t change the fact that extra-large pepperoni pizza always sounds good to me, but I don’t eat it every day. Just because I’m attracted to a woman doesn’t meant I sleep with her. I make a choice. We get to choose who we have sex with. We aren’t dogs, we aren’t robots, but we are people who can make choices.

I’ve always been this way
Probably, but we are all messed up. We all have our problems, and everyone is in need of restoration. A struggle is not defeat. There is a difference between fighting something and surrendering to it. (see earlier post for more on this)

If it makes you happy go for it
Not a good life philosophy. It sounds good, but it doesn’t make sense like the Black Eyed-Peas. If we all just did what made us happy this planet would suck worse. Just because you want to do something doesn’t mean you should. I forgot life was all about you. I forgot that this whole thing was built for your eternal pleasure. Forgive my ignorance. People spend to much time seeking happiness and miss it because self-centeredness makes us blind. Selfishness is destroying this world. Only Jesus message of selflessness can help.

I know gay people who are more like Jesus then some Christians.
I know cats that are more like Christ then some Christians. Just because some Christians are idiots doesn’t mean God is. It’s true claiming Christ doesn’t make you like Him, but it’s not about who is more like Christ. It’s about who is like Christ. Let’s not judge each other on percentages of Christ likeness. It will get ugly and we will all lose.

Sex is just for fun
Sex is not a “just for fun” physical activity. It’s not like playing cards, or watching a movie, sexual activity impacts us physically and emotionally. You can tell what something is for by what it does. Sex can be fun, sex is for making babies. There is no mystery, and He made it enjoyable because He loves people. When you have sex God’s way, He is pleased because you may be making another person for Him to love. God is ok with Homosexuality now because we have too many people Really? I’ve done my share of justifying my own sin, but even this is a stretch.

It’s not hurting anyone
Are you sure about this?

Final thoughts…
No one is trying to say you can’t love someone. Love is good. We are supposed to love everyone. Sex is reserved for use in a marriage between a man and a woman. No one is saying it’s the worst sin in the world, but it is on the list of the sins that have some dire consequences. No one is saying you can’t be happy. But, for some reason, focusing on others is the real way to happiness.


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  1. >never be afraid to preach the gospel of peace, even when it stirs up a storm.

  2. >If you ask me…Is homosexuality really the subject matter that needs to be discussed? Or is it rather the role of the pastor as Christ’s representative? Don’t we already clearly know what Christ taught regarding sex outside of marriage? If pastors choose and pick what they determine to be of value, right and wrong; are not they making themselves the Master Teacher? Which teacher then should we follow…the pastor that says “beastiality isn’t the worse sin” or how about the one that states “sexual relations with children has existed for centuries in other cultures”, or maybe I would prefer the pastor that would choose to say “polygamy is okay if everyone is in agreement”. How far will we allow perversity to grow before we all wake up? Who is right and who is wrong? Teach what Christ taught. Pastors, challenge yourselves to become the expert defender of the Faith regarding the topics that you are most inclined to reject. Study it fervently, interiorize it, pray about it, and surround yourself with believers. It may take much time and effort to be able to acknowledge the Truth, but eventually you will teach it with much love! Issues of morality and “hot topics” of the day put on your Must Do List, even if they are on the Don’t Want To Address List. Preaching isn’t so much about the sin, as it is about the message of love. Justice will be done when the same message is given to all. With every decision in life, God has expectationsWith every choice, there is the reality of consequencesWith every consequence knowledge is gained and emotions are developed Knowledge brings an awareness of sin baring, sorrow & fear OrKnowledge brings an awareness of rightness baring, joy & peaceDeath or LifeThat’s what I think anyway.

  3. >Great question! Everything has it's time and place.

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