>6 Ways to Win in Your Marriage


Love Each Other

This sounds easy, but it’s not. Love your spouse the way they want to be loved. Don’t love them way you want to love. For instance, a wife who loves quality time with her man, won’t be satisfied with little gifts. She’ll probably appreciate them, but they aren’t what she really likes. A husband, who likes having fun with his wife, won’t be satisfied with love notes. It will do more for him, if she does something with him that he finds fun, even if it bores her to tears.

Make A Budget

Money problems kill marriages. Make a budget and stick to it. Making a budget can be about as fun as a root canal, but the stress caused by making a budget is less than the stress caused by unpaid bills, and out of control spending. Don’t buy stupid junk, unless it is stupid junk you both want and can afford.

Love Your Kids, but LOVE each other

You have to love your kids, duh. But, your kids will grow up and leave one day (hopefully). You need to have more in common than just your kids. Your kids need your time, love and devotion, and so does your spouse. Don’t neglect your spouse for the sake of your kids. They can’t divorce you and take half of your things. And, they won’t be there for you like your spouse. They’ll have their own lives, their own kids, and their own careers. The last thing you want is for the kids to move out and be stuck in a house with a stranger.

Make Time for each other

You can’t make time, but do it anyway. Find time for each other. Every week make some time, and every year do something special. It doesn’t have to be expensive or long, but it has to be special. Take time to do things you both enjoy. Play a game together, watch a movie, go for a hike, rob a bank, or whatever excites you. Do something special with your spouse. Time is to short, make the time.

Be nice

Don’t make fun of your spouse or put them down in anyway even though it’s easy. You know each others darkest secrets. You know how to hurt each other and how to make each other feel good. Don’t mock each other, put each other down, or be rude. You can be honest without being a jerk. If you have to say something pointed, put it in a nice way at the right time. Don’t tell your husband that your mad about him not feeding the dog when he’s working on the car, and don’t tell your wife she’s behind on the laundry when she’s slaving over dinner. Be nice. Say something nice for no reason once in a while.

Put Jesus in it

Jesus is awesome, and He makes a great addition to any marriage. He’s a great conflict negotiator, and He even helps with the bills.  He will show you both where you need to change and help you do it. Lifeless religion won’t help, but a living relationship with Jesus is the foundation to every great relationship. Pray for each other. It works


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Just a guy who loves God, his family, and others.

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  1. >ooooh. i like this one.

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