>5 Things About His Voice

>Things you have to know about God’s Voice
1. His Voice is Powerful
God created the world with His Voice Genesis chapter 1. He didn’t even have to use His hands
2. His Voice is Majestic
Jesus is the Word. Jesus is King. Therefore, the Word is King. God’s Word runs this place, and when we know it and live by it we walk in the Power of His Kingdom. (John Chapter 1)
3. His Voice Never Fails
Isaiah says His word never returns void, but it always does what it says it will.
4. His Voice Destroys His enemies
Psalm 29 says it flashes with lighting, and destroys even the biggest trees. In Revelation, John records that Jesus destroys Satan and all his army with His Word. You can’t mess with what God says.
5. His Voice is Full of Glory
That’s another way for saying God’s Voice is awesome. It’s amazing, and it show’s God’s amazing-ness. For reasons, see above. (Psalm 29)

We are to declare the glory of the Lord. The Voice of the Lord is powerful, majestic and glorious.


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Just a guy who loves God, his family, and others.

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